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7. 10. 2018
Zdravá školka s montessori programem MATEŘINKA BRNO


Denmark 25. 2 - 1. 3. 2018

Several months passed since our first visit in Denmark. Summary of experiences, knowledge, and how we eventually applied everything in practice, the process took longer than we had expected. Finally, I am very grateful for the retrospectin till nowdays. 

We have realized the ideas already, we have turned the inspiration into action and we have edited them to our conditions.

Be part of the EPESS program - European Healthy Learners and Qualified Educators through Integrated School Food Systems - "Healthy Pupils and Qualified Teachers through a Comprehensive School Food Scheme," and the community of people who share their experience, knowledge, ideas and they change the world with joy and love  to make it  better place for us, this is indescribable.

It's still an incredible story for us. We work with this opportunity with great humility and gratitude. Since the last meeting, Mateřinka has advanced and it took great deal of work. The findings from Denmark have helped to our team a lot. Especially to become an even better version of yourself.


What is EPESS and its goals in a nutshell

• Sharing ideas, methodology, and experience in introducing a holistic approach to quality school meals. The project will also help integrate nutrition, cooking, cultivation in school gardens and farm visits into the curriculum.

Project objectives:

• Inspire and motivate to collaborate and share knowledge about holistic access to health, school meals and food education.

• Improve the skills, qualifications of educators in the field of education for children on health, lifestyle and diet, help to introduce new or improved teaching practices.

Why we are part of:

• We meet the requirements / criteria and the really healthy school program.

• Our goal is healthy and happy children ready for life.

• We plan to develop, improve, share, inspire, gain broad outlook and comparison.

• Unique opportunity for further education of teachers.

First day 26. 2. 2018 Svendborg

Nature and Environmental School

The first day we spend by action, we were part of an environmental education program for schools. Children learn more about local fauna and flora by this way. They will experience fishing, shellfish and seaweed. The whole preparation of food from the cleaning of fish, shells, to cooking itself.

It was an amazing experience for us. It inspired us to think about creating a similar learning center where children could go back to local nature through experiential learning activities, raise awareness of local raw materials, protect and care for everything alive. It has inspired a natural interest in this area and a desire to learn outside.

The environmental center is now born in thoughts and ideas, and we are at the beginning to shape the visual form step by step.



Second day 27.2. 2018 , Nymarkskolen – Svendborg

We were all surprised by an amazing project which was presented to us. When school pupils prepared meals for the whole school during the „Loma week“. During the year, all pupils are engaged. It interconnected all subjects and also improved practical skills. Pupils prepared a nutritionally balanced diet, even for vegetarians. They created a budget, bought raw materials from local farmers and growers. They completed the process from preparation, cooking, food delivery to cleaning the kitchen.



Third Day 28.2. 2018, Byparkens Nursery

We went to the next few schools, but also the crèches. A quiet, positive and friendly atmosphere was breathtaking. We've inspired by a lot of things, ranging from equipment, aids, toys, dining to day mode.


Technical School, farms and local suppliers

I regarded the approach and system at Danish secondary schools (and vocational schools) as a great challenge and inspiration for our especially secondary education level. Let's not just look at the equipment, but especially the intention that everybody perceived that his profession is important and unique. Possibility to be a fully-fledged and responsible , eg. bakery production in shops – focused on products of local resources.


The system of support for local growers and farmers is not only economically useful but also healthier and more environmentally friendly. The honor was to visit the Organic Vegetable Growing Plant, sharing the experience and enthusiasm of one of their founders. The farm where the animals live happily, they have the option of free range and loving treatment.


Fourth day 1. 3. 2018

At the end of our exchange, we have become more broadly informed about the objectives and intentions of the LOMA Danish program. Once again, we have got a lot of inspiration and it deepened our knowledge.


What was the significance of our foreign internship for us?

• Wider view.

• Improving of English language.

• To rejoice in the trifles.

• Sharing and collaboration is great.

• Motivation and inspiration for shift and refinement.

• Everything is how it should be, and it is worthwhile to appreciate for the metrics that have already been mastered and to excite yourself for the next.

• Everything happens as it should.

• Everything has its own time and development.

• Everyone has own way, all roads lead to Rome.

Which ideas we would like to apply in Mateřinka as a pleasure:

• More sharing and sharing inspiration

• Multicultural cooking with parents

• Well-being -social things

• Loma week -3 days -at farm, how cows should be treated, how to make a butter ... etc.

• Loma box - activities prepared for self-cooking, regular offer

• Library for Teachers and Parents

• Wooden boxes for growing fruits, vegetables and herbs

• Activities which we can use while we cook something outdoors - in the style of outdoor kitchen

• Youtube chanel - cooking, recipes

• Photos of guides in the dressing room

• Photos of children in birthday frames

How has the implementation of the experience gained from Denmark?

We are a bit better version of ourselves for your children :)

• More sharing and sharing - it works. Gradually, we continue to cooperate and participate in the program

• Multicultural cooking with parents - we are preparing.

• Well-being - social stuff - we are doing.

• Loma week -3 days -at farm, how cows should be treated, how to make a butter... etc. - we are involved in our educational plan.

• Loma box - activities ready for self-cooking, regular offer - We plan to add to the activities of working life at the end of 2018.

• The Library for Teachers and Parents - we are in the process actively and we scheduled to run in the spring of 2019.

• Wooden boxes for the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and herbs - realized. We will implement the new kindergarten in the spring of 2019.

• Activities where we can cook something outdoors - in the style of outdoor kitchen - we are creating a plan and we would like to do it by May 2019.

• Youtube chanel - cookies, recipes - we plan, we solve the protection of your personal data, it is possible to implement it.

• Photos of wardrobe guides - realized.

• Photos of children in frames with date of birth - we will implement them in the form of creating a birthday calendar.

In a few days, we are waiting for a second trip to England. We are looking forward to seeing the inspiration and sharing ideas together.

We are very pleased to have established very valuable foreign cooperation. Through these exchange visits and webinars, the project will enable teachers to share ideas, methodologies, and experiences in introducing a holistic approach to quality school catering.

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